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About CSS Stars.com

CSS Stars.com is an attempt to share tips and tricks for web UI development and mobile UI development. CSS Stars.com always strive to provide its users solutions for UI issues by helping them with code snippets, html, css, jquery/javascript tips for easy development.

Content of CSS Stars.com

HTML is the skeleton of a web page. But CSS is the flesh and muzzles of a web page. So HTML and CSS are closely related and is inevitable for look and feel of a web page. CSS STARS.COM is an attempt to share css tricks and tips for easy web development. Here we share snippets of css codes, browser specific css fixes and interesting works or magics of css.

CSS Stars.com also share easy ways of css coding, best practices of css coding and shortest ways of css usage. Tips for using css3, css3 example codes and demos, HTML 5 features, HTML 5 usages, HTML 5 demos, use of HTML5 frameworks, jquery or javascript tips and tricks etc.. are also part of our content. We strive to give some interesting features in CSS3 and HTML5 , with example codes and demos, wherever possible.

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