Parallax scrolling web pages


What is parallax scrolling effect? Parallax scrolling Effect is new trend in web designing. It involves the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. Using different effects or creating the web pages more attractively is a tough task. Effects added in web pages […]

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 Full width responsive background video

Responsive full width background video

Responsive background video Now a days, many of the websites have background videos which is showing in full width. Even if we re-size the window, it continues to play while adjusting the dimensions (width and height) accordingly. Even though the dimensions are changed, no scroll bar will be produced. The width and height of the […]

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 HTML Interview Questions

html interview questions

Here are some of the commonly asked HTML interview questions. These HTML interview questions may be helpful for both freshers and experienced HTML developers. There can be a lot more HTML interview questions and answers. But here I have tried to include most commonly asked question. Hope this will be helpful for you. Common HTML […]

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 Stylish Switch Button using CSS3

Switch button with css and Checkbox

Present websites are decorated with stylish buttons and icons. The user will more look in to the appearance of elements or the look and feel of the web pages. Different CSS3 properties help us to make our websites very beautiful, without using any images for buttons or icons. CSS3 has changed the full concept of […]

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 HTML5 Input type number removes leading zero on IOS

Input Number

Input type number is a new attribute for input field in HTML5. In HTML5, you can have a Input type number field as a spinner which have up and down arrows at the right of the text box. This will help to increase or decrease the number value. When we use type=”number”, we can also […]

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