Stylish Switch Button using CSS3

Switch button with css and Checkbox

Present websites are decorated with stylish buttons and icons. The user will more look in to the appearance of elements or the look and feel of the web pages. Different CSS3 properties help us to make our websites very beautiful, without using any images for buttons or icons. CSS3 has changed the full concept of […]

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 Vertical Tabs Using JQuery

Verticals Tab

Very often you have seen jquery UI tabs used horizontally, like in the following image. But easily we can create Vertical Tabs in our project? How to create Vertical Tabs Using JQuery? Here I will explain how to create a vertical tabs using jQuery. When we create Vertical Tabs, we have to think about three […]

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 Validate Checkbox Using jQuery

Validate Checkbox

How to validate checkbox using jQuery ? This is a simple way to check whether the checkbox is checked or not. So this way we can validate the checkbox. A single line of code will provide the status of checkbox using jQuery or a single line of code will validate checkbox. jquery needed to Validate […]

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